Offshore Company Formation UAE

Setting Up an Offshore Company In UAE

UAE offshore Company

Offshore company refers to a company that is formed in a jurisdiction outside one’s own jurisdiction. It is another way of saying offshore corporation.  An offshore setup is one which all the activities should be based outside UAE and only banking transactions are allowed in UAE.  An offshore sector helps one to setup a business in a profitable manner.

Offshore Jurisdictions in UAE:

  1. Jebel Ali Offshore
  2. Ras Al Khaimah Offshore
  3. Ajman Offshore

Benefits of Starting an Offshore Company

  1. 100% tax -free
  2. Hassle free documentation process
  3. Registration process is easy and incorporation certificate will issued in 5-6 days
  4. Can own properties in UAE (JAFZA Offshore)
  5. Can own shares of UAE or international companies
  6. 100% foreign ownership – No local sponsors involved
  7. Secure international bank transactions
  8. The incorporation charges are very less compared to Free zone or Mainland license
  9. NOC from sponsor not required if a resident of UAE (which is mandatory for Mainland companies)
  10. No minimum share capital required
  11. Identity of the owners will be confidential

Limitations of Offshore Company

  1. An offshore company cannot not have a physical office
  2. No visas facility
  3. Cannot do any business within UAE

Banks supporting Offshore Accounts:

  1. National Bank of Abu Dhabi
  2. Barclays – UAE
  3. HSBC – UAE
  4. Dubai Bank
  5. Lloyds Bank international


Setting up an offshore company can be done only through a registered agency. For more information on how to set up an offshore company, feel free to drop a message.


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