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A Strategic Future

We provide a boutique of services for the expats in United Arab Emirates

International Visa Service

All your visa service requirements can be fulfilled through BizVest and we have visa expert agents best in the country.


You get the best of insurance as your needs whether it is automobile, medical or life insurance.

Document Clearing

All type of government and international migration process document clearing services are available under one roof. Contact BizVest Now!

What we do for you


Ejari, Virtual Office Space

For your business small or medium scale, we can provide you the consultancy service or find the suitable office (virtual or physical) and can get your Ejari within short time. 


DED, Amer Thas-heel and Tad-beer Services

We can guide you and process your DED, Amer Thas-heel and Tad-beer requests on your behalf and save you from running from door to door for processing a document.


Visit Visa and Family Visa

BizVest is one of the fastest visa processing company in UAE. Our PRO’s are super fast in processing your request and won’t waste any time of yours.


Online Approvals

All kind of online approvals we can get for you whether its government approval or the approvals you need from international travelling requirements.


International Attestation Services

All kind of international attestation services can be attained through BizVest. One-stop shop for all your attestation requirements.

About Us

Welcome to BizVest, your one-stop-shop for international or local visa requirements, attestation, insurance etc. in the United Arab Emirates.  We are champions in taking care of your business requirements in terms of the best service providers in the United Arab Emirates from conception through completion as we have a passionate team of experts with a number of years working with clients from multiple geographic locations and industry verticals.

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