Opportunities for EU & UK Businesses in Dubai

Free Zones in the UAE are now a growing hub of business for British SMEs in the post-Brexit era. For EU businesses looking rolling out or starting afresh their business in the UAE, Bizvest helps you familiarize the environment and helps you understand every nuance of business life and local knowledge and personal contacts that are necessary to augment your establishment and growth in the region.

Relocation of Britain and EU based businesses have a number of advantages including competitive tax structures, friendly business set-up programs, and can be a part of an already established European business community. UAE has become a destination for British businesses post-brexit, evidenced in the fact that a number of Universities are considering setting up their campuses in the UAE so that they could tap new sources of income and attract new students.

UAE with its ever growing business opportunities with a number of freezones, excellent infrastructure facilities, and great flight connections is now the center of the world for entrepreneurs. European businesses now realize that there is a really exciting world outside the EU. The UAE is the fourth-largest export market for the UK and the third-largest for Europe and this is an impetus for European and British companies to base themselves out of UAE.

Many of Britain’s and EU based large corporates and global companies are also relocating themselves to the UAE and there are now more than 4000 UK based companies based in Dubai alone. UAE will continue to be a valuable choice for British and EU businesses seeking a location in an overseas market at the center of global trade.

Are you an European or UK organization looking to set up your business in the UAE? Why not reap the rewards of setting up your business in the UAE and benefit the new market, state-of-the-art infrastructure, security and stability, and cumulative growth.