According to some recent developments, there are two fundamental geographic locations through which one can begin a business in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) – Freezone and the Mainland. These two have their very own points of interest and drawbacks relying on the movement and business type. While Mainland Company enlisted with DED is permitted to carry on business at anyplace, including the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Freezone business substance task has been confined in individual Freezone. In any case, resembles the things are evolving gradually.

Before, as the business grew, a Freezone organization had an alternative to grow its business to the Mainland. In any case, they needed to consider the choice of either completely rebuilding to the Mainland or to have a branch in the Mainland. What’s more, according to the law, a Freezone organization needed to get an essential endorsement from the Department of Economic Development (DED) to grow its business activities to the Mainland by applying for setting up an appropriate business structure.

Presently, there has been another improvement under this law. Another activity that has been taken by the Department of Economic Development as per which, all the Freezone organizations that are working inside Dubai can apply for a Permit to have the option to work their business in Dubai Mainland without rebuilding or opening a branch. This Permit is issued distinctly to the organizations working in Dubai Freezone. It should likewise be noticed that the Permit is accessible just for the activities that have been referenced below. Different activities can’t make a difference for such a Permit.

Allowable Activities for Obtaining the Permit

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Accounting and Office Machinery Rental
  • Aircraft Cleaning Services
  • Aircraft Upholstery Services
  • Boat Upholstery Services
  • Business Events Management
  • Cargo Loading and Unloading Services
  • Cost Control and Risk Management Services
  • Cyber Security Consultancy
  • Data Entry Services
  • Documents Destroying Storage
  • Electronic Chips Programming
  • Exhibition Organization Management
  • Facilities Management Services
  • Facilities Resource Management Consultancy
  • Feasibilities Study Consultancy
  • Festival Organization Management
  • Financial Instruments Quotation Services
  • Fine Arts Consultancies
  • Health Consultancies
  • Health Food Consultant
  • Health Planning Consultancies
  • Information Technology Consultants
  • Internet Consultancy
  • Logistics Consultancy
  • Management Consultancies
  • Marketing Research and Consultancies
  • Media Studies and Consultancies
  • Network Consultancies
  • Noise Control, Vibration, and Acoustics Consultancy
  • Occupational Safety Training
  • Parliamentary Consultancy
  • Pharmaceutical Consultancies
  • Product Design Services
  • Project Management Services
  • Public Networking Services
  • Quality and Standardization Consultants
  • Radiology Centers Consultancy
  • Science and Technology Consultancy
  • Sourcing and Procurement Consultant
  • Spa and Fitness Clubs Consultant
  • Technical Installation Consultancies

This new advancement can be gainful to the organizations working in the Freezone, who need to grow their business in Dubai Mainland without opening a branch, as a branch office in the Mainland will build the yearly upkeep cost of the entire structure. Get in touch with us today-we’d be happy to help you in acquiring the Permit.

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