It is mandatory that all businesses should have a physical address. The chosen location must comply with the requirements set out by the Department of Economic Development in the respective emirate and the zoning regulations of the local municipalities.

In Dubai, the business should have a rent agreement (MoU) for the proposed location of your business and this must be registered with the Ejari for attestation. (Ejari is the online registration system initiated by Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) that requires all Dubai rental or lease contracts are to be recorded).

You can add a new trade license to the same location. If your business is in Dubai, please consider the following as well:

  • The local party of the new license should be the same owner, partner or LSA in the existing license of the desired location
  • The total number of licenses owned by the local party should not exceed 10 licenses per location
  • The area of location allotted for each license should not be less than 200 sq. ft.

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