Geographically, Dubai is uniquely placed as it is within 4 hours flying of one-third of the world’s population and within eight hours of two-thirds. From 2017 onwards, opportunities to profit from the lead up to Dubai Expo 2020 have started. Companies that focus on industries such as transport, construction, electricity and real estate are already seeing a surge in business. Many Europe and US based companies have started their operations in the UAE and Dubai in particular. Companies that are into tourism, IT and telecommunications will profit from the jobs created as a result of Dubai Expo 2020 and an increased demand from international visitors.

Dubai Expo 2020 is a great opportunity for companies across the world to figure out innovative ways to address and provide creative solutions to some of the greatest global issues facing the 21st century. One of the main aims of Dubai Expo 2020 is to create an entrepreneurial spirit and deliver solutions of different size and scale across various industry verticals and technologies.

The construction industry is one of the areas that will hold a lot of opportunities as it is estimated that 30% of the jobs created by Dubai Expo 2020 is expected to be in this particular sector. Hospitality, transportation, and entertainment facilities have already seen a huge surge in growth and many global companies already establishing their companies in Dubai to capitalize on this growth.

Tourism & Hospitality and Retail companies have started registering their businesses in Dubai as they have realized the potential of Dubai Expo 2020. Dubai is well known for its retail market and this will only grow from strength to strength towards the lead up to Dubai Expo 2020. The growth in the number of international visitors means a big opportunity for tourism and retail with an estimate of 20 million visitors expected annually.

The Recruitment sector is another area that will experience exponential growth as 277,000 new jobs will be created between 2013 and 2021. The number of job openings will peak between 2018 and 2021. Construction, Engineering, Transportation, Retail, Aviation, Hospitality and IT are some industries that have already seen an increasing demand for potential recruits to cater a growing demand for fresh blood.

If you are looking to capitalize on the opportunities arising out of Dubai Expo 2020, this is the best time to register your company in Dubai. By registering now, you can get just enough time to understand and analyze the market and launch yourself into this ocean of opportunities just at the right time.

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