60% of UAE’s GDP is contributed by about 400,000 SMEs and they constitute almost 94% of the total number of companies operating out of the country. With Dubai Expo 2020, contracts worth AED 5 billion will be allotted to local and international small and medium enterprises. SMEs should be focusing on some specific areas to increase their revenue streams to benefit out of Dubai Expo 2020. Transitioning into a knowledge-based economy is one of the key aims of Dubai Expo 2020. As the Expo 2020 will draw in more than 25 million visitors, SMEs should focus on key areas that will cater this huge influx. Customer Service, Language Expertise, Organizational Skills, Cultural Awareness, Event Knowledge etc. will all be some key areas that already established companies should be concentration on in terms of upskilling. As the number of jobs created would rise to over 270,000, recruitment and training is a couple of areas that can help SMEs to effectively capitalize the growing number of opportunities.

Almost 70% of all the visitors will be from non-UAE countries and this is directly proportional to the volume of online search.  The visitors are in search of business opportunities, new investment opportunities and establishing companies in the UAE. It is only logical that they will certainly undertake online research on opportunities and ventures. Hence it is very important to be visible and appealing in the digital space. You may lose out on excellent opportunities if the viewers do not come across your company as they search. SMEs should start investing in technologies that help them stay on top of the search engine results by undertaking Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing. Bizvest helps you make your brand is visible by providing you cost effective and result oriented services in SEO and SMM. With the event just 3 years away, this is the best time to invest in making yourself visible.

Another important area for SMEs to think about is to automate your processes and services. Information technology can be used as a tool to give you exceptional results with minimum human intervention. SMEs need to invest in IT that can help their business grow to the next level. If you are thinking about migrating your legacy IT systems to cloud-based technology, implementing ERP systems, developing interactive portals for content distribution, develop e-commerce &m-commerce applications/portals to increase your revenue and reach, web/mobile applications to reach a wider audience, Bizvest can help you. We can provide a broad range of services from IT Advisory, IT Roadmap, Technology selection & implementation (SaaS and On-premise) to IT support. We are experts in emerging technologies such as Robotics, IoT, Big Data, Block Chain, Machine Learning and other innovative technologies including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, SAP, Oracle Microsoft, and open source technologies. Reach out to us and we can equip you by transforming your IT and business landscape to gain the benefits of Dubai Expo 2020.

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