The largest and most diverse round of Global Innovators to date means Expo Live is supporting 121 grantees from 65 countries – but the search isn’t over yet.

Proving that innovation can come from anywhere, to everyone, Expo Live is now providing funding, guidance, and exposure to 121 grantees from 65 countries after announcing its fourth round of Innovation Impact Grant Programme (IIGP) grantees.

The latest round, the programme’s largest and most diverse so far, welcomes 52 new Global Innovators (GIs) from 39 countries. A total of 14 GIs hail from the Middle East and North Africa region, including seven from the GCC, of which three are from the UAE.

The full geographical breakdown of the fourth-round grantees is:

 15 from Africa

 18 from Asia

 9 from Europe

 4 from North America

 2 from Oceania

 4 from South America

The search for innovative minds will not stop here, however. Submissions are now open for a fifth round of the Innovation Impact Grant Programme, calling for ingenious innovators who have devised socially impactful projects that help push the world towards a brighter future – the deadline is 15 September 2019. To date, the programme has attracted more than 6,900 applications from 174 countries.

The IIGP offers entrepreneurs an opportunity to secure a grant of up to USD 100,000 to take their project to the next level. Expo Live is searching for projects that are already having an impact but require support to reach their full potential.

To apply and find more information, visit Expo Live here.

Pictured: OTTAA is an app that uses imagery and artificial intelligence to predict what a speech-impaired person wants to articulate and says it for them. The Argentinian company was selected to become an Expo Live grantee during the third round of the Innovation Impact Grant Programme.


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