The UAE has a highly developed health infrastructure. Medical facilities are modern and easily accessible for both locals and expats alike. There is an increase in demand for healthcare services over the past 10 years, spurred by population growth, increase incidence of lifestyle-related medical conditions and medical tourism. Dubai is ranked the second popular medical tourism destination in the region, by the World Bank.

Pharmacies are considered one of the contributors in the rapidly expanding healthcare market in the UAE. The pharmaceutical market in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is set to grow to $5.7 billion by 2020.

Activity Description

A specialized facility licensed to sell and prepare registered drugs, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and dispense herbal and medical drugs against medical prescription, according to the laws and regulations issued by competent authority of UAE. It is supervised by a licensed pharmacist who works permanently in the pharmacy.

Any pharmaceutical related business must get approvals from the following authorities:

  1. Dubai Municipality
  2. Ministry of Health (Drug Control Department)
  3. Department of Economic Development

The location plays an important role when planning to start a Pharmacy license.

Requirements for setting up a Pharmacy

  1. The area of the pharmacy must be min 30 sqm.
  2. An UAE national must be appointed as Local Sponsor.
  3. A pharmacist holding DHA license must be appointed to work in the pharmacy.
  4. Application to operate a pharmacy requires Dubai Municipality (DM) approval for commercial use of the premises
  5. For pharmacies Applicant must not own more than 2 pharmacies in UAE
  6. Pharmacies must not be closer than 200 m away from any other existing pharmacies
  7. Pharmacies must be in ground level
  8. Shelves and cupboards are required for storing medicine
  9. A fridge with digital temperature scale is required
  10. Shifts schedule signboard is required
  11. First Aid toolkit is required

Setting up a pharmacy requires expert assistance. For more information, feel free to contact us or leave us a message.

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