The theme for Dubai Expo 2020 is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”

The subthemes are chosen with much thought and research, based on the direction the world is going in and with a vision for the future. The subthemes are Sustainability, Mobility, and Opportunity.

Sustainability seeks to portray a life that has to be lived in equilibrium with the world we live in and respecting the nature instead of exploiting and plundering it. The areas given special focus under this sub-theme is upcoming industries, employment, educational sector, financial capital, and governance.

Mobility aims to create a smart and productive movement of goods, ideas, and people. In a world where technology grows exponentially in a certain geography whereas people are stuck with old ways and outdated technology in other areas, Mobility aims to bridge this huge divide and bring those less privileged to reap the benefits of new technologies through swift movement of ideas across the world. Industries such as Logistics, Personal mobility, Transportation Travel and exploration, Digital connectivity are given special focus under the subtheme of Mobility in Dubai Expo 2020.

Opportunity aims to unleash the huge potential within individuals and communities to shape the future. Despite having exceptional ideas and technology at hand, lack of opportunity quenches even the best of ideas and technologies. It is an opportunity that provides a field for ideas and technology to prosper thereby enabling people to embrace them. There is a huge opportunity for individuals to shape the future of communities and countries by focusing on opportunities that are growing every day in industries such as green growth, biodiversity, natural ecosystems, sustainable cities and habitat building by understanding the reality of climate change and global warming.

Dubai Expo 2020 will highlight and boost companies that seek to offer products and services that chime in with the subthemes. Mobility and Sustainable development based industries and products will see great opportunities for growth.

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